Steuart Holidays Payment Terms & Conditions

Steuart Holidays, George Steuart Travel LTD Sri Lanka, uses the Secure Payments System from Sampath Bank for all credit and debit card transactions. Advanced encryption will prevent your personal information from being intercepted by any unauthorized third parties. Important:

  1. We will be issuing you a Travel Voucher and Invoice which state the exact amount that you will have agreed to pay.
  2. You can pay in either US$, Euros or GBP£. The relevant currency will be shown on your Travel Voucher.
  3. There are no hidden charges. All charges and total will be mentioned in your travel invoice.


Your booking contract is with Steuart Holidays, a Sri Lankan tour company. Any use of the website, or written communication with Steuart Holidays, for the purposes of holiday arrangements, confirms that you are aged 18 or over and that you have read and fully accept these booking conditions. These booking conditions are devised for the protection of all parties. The phrase “Steuart Holidays” in these Booking Conditions refers to Steuart Holidays, George Steuart Travel LTD.


In the case of all bookings, including Instant Bookings or tailor-made holidays, your booking will be confirmed by the issue of a Travel Voucher. Payment of deposit confirms that you accept our booking conditions. If you fail to meet the payment deadlines stated on the Travel Voucher, we reserve the right to cancel your booking and will inform you of this. Bookings should be paid either by: (i) On¬line credit/debit card payment. (ii) Bank transfer:. Third party travelling will not be entertained, Cardholder must be in travelling party. Airline tickets will not be entertained.


  • (i) Upon receipt of Travel Voucher: 50 per cent of cost.
  • (ii) Not less than six weeks prior arrival: 100 per cent of cost.


  • (i) Payments are required within seven days, except in the case of Instant Bookings, where immediate payment is taken by credit/debit card.
  • (ii) Suppliers may demand stricter payment terms on some bookings. These occasions will always be advised to you before booking and stated on your Travel Voucher. Individual cancellation terms will always be stated.
  • (iii) Credit card payments are subject to an additional charge of 2.5 per cent. This contributes to our credit card costs and helps to reduce our basic prices.
  • (iv) Customer must pay all bank charges in the case of a bank transfer. Failure to do so will invalidate your booking and will bring a further charge to cover bank charges
  • (v) There will be no additional postage fees, booking fees or other hidden charges. Exchange rates are based on live on day rates at time of booking and are not subject to change.
  • (vi) Late payments risk cancellation.


Steuart Holidays is committed to high levels of professionalism to protect your booking. But we reserve the right to cancel your booking in any incidence of Force Majeure (see clause below). In this event we will return all money paid by you and, wherever possible, offer an alternative booking of comparable type and quality for your consideration. We cannot be held liable for any incidental expenses that you may incur during arrangements for a booking that is subsequently cancelled by us.


In event of cancellation, in whole or part, we voluntarily return all recoverable costs, above and beyond the limits laid down in our Booking Conditions. In the case of Instant Bookings, any individual cancellation terms that may apply will be displayed at time of booking and will provide the basis for a refund. In the case of cancelled tailor-made itineraries, we reserve the right to levy additional admin costs of up to 5 per cent of total booking cost. Other cancellation refunds are determined on a case¬ by ¬case basis, whether provided directly or indirectly by us. We do not normally refund for early checkouts or no¬ shows. Any individual wishing to cancel a booking with Steuart Holidays must immediately notify their sales consultant by email, quoting their invoice number. The cancellation is timed from when we contact the supplier on your behalf and a delay is normal outside normal working hours. In the event of a group cancellation (by the tour leader), we will hold each individual equally liable for cancellation costs.

Total cancellation charges on your booking will not exceed these maximum levels:

  • After payment of deposit( Less than 6 weeks prior to Arrival): Up to 95 per cent of deposit.
  • Full payment, (Less than six weeks prior to Arrival): Up to 95 per cent of booking cost.
  • Full payment, Less than one month prior to Arrival: Up to 50 per cent of booking cost.
  • You should check whether your travel insurance policy covers you for refunds.
  • I have read the booking conditions carefully and, on behalf of myself and any minors in my charge, agree to abide by them.
  • I also understand that I am personally responsible for fulfilling all health, security and immigration requirements and that it is my responsibility to arrange adequate insurance cover. I am over 18 years of age. To the best of my knowledge all details entered below are correct.

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